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Many professionals use regular treatments to maintain and enhance their physical condition. Athletes report their careers are extended when receiving regular massages, musicians have increased endurance and improved performance of their craft. Whether or not you are injured massage is very beneficial towards restoring balance and flexibility, especially for golfers. runners, and all who strain the body joints on a daily basis.

Having played volleyball among many sports and practiced krav maga boxing I am fully versed in movement and exercise of muscle. also having played piano and guitar for many years I understand the particular stress areas involved. I am a certified ISSA personal trainer and use techniques of orthopedic, neuromuscular, Thai stretching, Joint Mobilization and Active Release Technique (ART.pdf) for quicker recovery of sore joints and muscles.



"One of the best massage therapists !"
Stephen "SHEAMUS" Farrelly
2011 WWE United States Champion
Paul "TRIPLE-H" Levesque
William Regal
Rycklon "EZEKIEL JACKSON" Stephens
Ron "R-TRUTH" Killings
Alberto Del Rio

Mark "Undertaker" Calaway

"Great Hands !"
Vince McMahon

King Sheamus
Celebrity Golf Hilton Head Island
Thad Daber - World One Club Champion
Kevin Sorbo - Author and Actor

"Highly recommend great therapy!"
Kevin Sorbo - Actor (Hercules series)
Richard Korn - Actor/Host Home Improvement/Family Feud
Alan Thicke - Actor - Growing Pains


"Great A.R.T. sessions, really helps the pitching arm"
Horacio Ramirez, Angels baseball

"Aida is extremely professional, and her massage therapy has truly helped me immensely. She is prompt, and is very knowledgeable in all facets of massage therapy".
Dan Manucci, Buffalo Bills (Host, ESPN Radio 860 Calling All sports)

Steve Miller
Aida and Tony Horton

"Magic Hands !"
Bobby Bandieras, guitarist for Bon Jovi

"Very good therapy, just what we needed before the show "
Win Butler & wife Regine Chassagne of ARCADE FIRE
"2011 GRAMMY Winner for Album of the Year "

Aida with
Cory Everson - 6-time Ms Olympia
Monica Brant - Ms Fitness Olympia '98

"The most amazing therapist!"
David Licursi, Tour Manager
Stefanie Eulinberg, drummer
Aaron Julison, bass player

"Great technique, feels so much better now"
Josh Duhamel (on the film set of "Life As We Know It")

Aida with Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno

"Great therapy, fixed me up for the show!"
Omar, Jorge of Pitbull Band
Emmett, Rob, Laura of Enrique Iglesias Band

"Very good massage, wonderful"  
Prince Faisal bin Salman bin AbdulAziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia Royal Family House of Saud

"Good detailed technique for my arm"
Neil Giraldo (Pat Benatar's band)

Steve Miller
"The best in the world...the master!"   Steve Miller

"Very good massage"   Dick Butkus

"Aida was especially fantastic! You're saving my life out here ...thank you"
Bryan Beller (bassist for Steve Vai and Dethlok)

"Excellent touch ...healing hands put me in a trance"  
Mick Jones and Jeff Pilson of Foreigner

Tom Chambers Luis Gonzales
"Found all the muscle kinks"
Tom Chambers(Phx Suns Basketball)
Luis Rodriguez (Diamondbacks baseball)
at 2007 Pro Players Classic Annual Golf Invitational

"That was great, feel so much better now"  
Harry Connick Jr.

Tom Chambers Luis Gonzales
Robin Aikers (LPGA Golf Pro) & Ted Hendricks (Hall of Fame Linebacker, Colts, Packers, Raiders)

"Wow fixed me right up, great for golfers"  
Floyd Rag at Superbowl Fox Pan-American Celebrity Golf Classic 2010 Miami Florida

Kevin Cronin - REO Speedwagon
Richard Petty at RETA conference 2011

"Fantastic!", singer/entertainer Ne-Yo

"Most relaxing and great professionalism",
actor/radio host Rickey Smiley

Kevin Cronin - REO Speedwagon
Tommy Nobis - "Mr. Falcon" Atlanta Falcons
at the NFL Alumni Charity Golf tournament 2015

"Good relaxing massage !"
Gregg Allman

"Me and Ronny Munroe from
Trans-Siberian Orchestra
and Metal Church"





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Introducing Rapid Release Pro-2

Rapid Release

The Future of Pain Relief - Tonic Vibration Reflex
Rapid Release elicits the Tonic Vibration Reflex (TVR), quickly relaxing muscles. Vibrating muscles between 100 and 200Hz triggers the Tonic Vibration Reflex. This neurological effect quickly relaxes muscle cramps, spasms and muscle guarding. By operating in the middle of that band, Rapid Release is unique and efficient in creating this effect.

BET's pilot season of BiggerAida w/Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives of Atlanta Aida, Alice Cooper & his son Dry Heat Classic Golf Tournament 2007 Hilton Head Celebrity Golf 2013 Dr Julius Erwing at Manna Tee Golf Tournament 2010 Lynn Larson,  NFL Colts Hall of Fame Cecil Crowley (Wild Wing Cafe Owner) TourLink Conference 2010 Ted Teele CEO SnapRetail at Atlanta's Mart Gift Show Bobby Cremins, Ga Tech Basketball Coach Aida & Southside Steve 105.5FM TNT's Monday Morning

Maroon 5 at Mercedes Benz Stadium Atlanta GA.
"That was great,  I could have done another 2 hours"
- Adam Levine 

Fitness Center at
UPS World Headquarters Atlanta Ga


Resolution Fitness at 191 Peachtree Atlanta


Media Feature with Cynthia Bailey
Real Housewives of Atlanta
Episode 18 -- Nightmare on Peachtree


Dry Heat Classic
"7 Years of Dry Heat Classic Arizona"


"The best massage!"
Aleksandar "Sasha" Pavlovic - Boston Celtics at NBA Playoffs Semi-Finals 2012

USNFF Championships 2014
Kissimmee Florida

"That is quite different and nice technique"  
Andrew Van Wyngarden, Ben Goldwasser of MGMT band

"Good massage!"  
Mike Kroger (bassist for Nickelback) and wife Angela

Kevin Cronin - REO Speedwagon
"Awesome work, feels great to be able to move
tight muscles."
Kevin Cronin, Dave Amato, Bruce Hall & Bryan Hitt
of REO Speedwagon

"Just what I needed"  
Candice Price, World Track Sprinter and husband Brian Price (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

"Definitely feels better"  
Marc Savard - Center for the Boston Bruins

Steve Miller
"Very good, that's what I needed"
Me and Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges at ASCAP Meet and Greet at Straits Restaurant Atlanta

"Thank you for taking care of our guys, well-appreciated"
David Chandler - Athletic Trainer Baylor University Bears at NCAA Semi-finals 2012


Tom Chambers Luis Gonzales
"Excellent work as always"
Rich Dodson(Denver Broncos) & Alice Cooper
at Alice Cooper's Celebrity AM Golf Tournament 2007


"Magic fixed me! Amazing technique"  
Johnny Lee Middeton (bass) Anna Phoebe (violin) James Lewis (vocals) Bryan Hicks (narrator) Trans-Siberian Orchestra

"Very very good massage, really worked my problem areas, awesome!"  
Pat Monahan (singer of Train)

"Her combination of A.R.T. and deep tissue work stretched and relaxed my body so I could give my best effort on the field. I finished the game as healthy as I started."
William Beatty, (Super Bowl XLVI Champion for the New York Giants)


"You really are a healer, and a great spirit"
Mark Cumins Owner Tbonz Restaurant Group
"In the true spirit of Masters, the best champion steaks grilled to perfection at T-Bonz Steakhouse, 25-year tradition in Augusta"





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